FEBRUARY 7-9 2020

The 1920’s, the beginning of the swing dance era, started 100 years ago! Come to Launceston to celebrate this great anniversary with It’s Time for the Twenties 2.0. A weekend long event of social dancing, workshops, history, and most of all, fun! Keep an eye on this page as more details will be added closer to the date.


Friday 7th Feb: Meet and Greet Evening

A relaxed social night; hang out with friends and make new ones while social dancing, and watching performances. Purchase meals and drinks from the bar.

Time: TBC

Location: Gunners Arms Tavern, 23 Lawrence St, Launceston TAS 7250

Cost: $30 (or included in Social Pass or Weekend Pass)

Dress Code: Neat Casual, something fun and comfy for dancing!

Saturday 8th Feb: Workshops

Classes will polish your movement, teach you new tricks - and have you laughing for sure. For more information see WORKSHOPS below.

Time: 10am - 4:30pm

Location: Workers Club, 66 Elizabeth Street, Launceston

Cost: $20 each (or included in Saturday Class Pass or Weekend Pass)


Saturday 8th Feb: Prohibition Ball

Come join our 1920’s Prohibition Ball! We commemorate the prohibition of the 20’s with delightful mocktails and local ginger beer and ciders as we dance the night away to the fabulous sound of St Joe’s Big Band, Australia’s longest running big band!

Time: TBC

Location: TBC

Cost: $40 (or included in Social Pass or Weekend Pass)

Dress Code: 1920’s theme, pull out the feathers, tassels and beads for a roaring good time!


Saturday 8th Feb: Late Night Speakeasy

Can’t get enough? Sneak past the authorities as you make your way to the Late Night Speakeasy. Join us for a nightcap and dance the night away to great DJ tunes.

Time: TBC

Location: TBC

Cost: $15 (or included in Social Pass or Weekend Pass)


Sunday 9th Feb: Breakfast

Meet in Royal Park for a casual barbeque breakfast and some dancing on the waterfront. After breakfast we will head up to Prince’s Square where dancers can choose to continue on the Lindy Crawl or join the workshops at the Workers Club.

Time: TBC

Location: Royal Park Barbeque Area, Park Street, Launceston (weather permitting - watch facebook for timings and alternate locations)

Cost: TBC

Dress Code: Casual. Wear sturdy outdoor shoes for dancing on rough surfaces, outdoor clothes, hats, sunscreen.


Sunday 9th Feb: Lindy Crawl

See the sights of Launceston’s Historic city as we dance our way around the city’s parks and landmarks. Join us afterwards for a casual social dance, snacks, and beer at the James Boag Brewery Experience, Launceston’s historic brewery in the heart of the city.

Time: From approx. 11am

Location: Prince’s Square, Civic Square, City Park, James Boag Brewery Experience (weather permitting - watch facebook for timings and alternate locations)

Cost: Free

Dress Code: Comfy sturdy shoes to dance and walk in, clothes to suit the weather, sunscreen, hats and umbrellas.


Sunday 9th Feb: Workshops

Classes will polish your movement, teach you new tricks - and have you laughing for sure. For more information see WORKSHOPS below.

Time: 11:30am - 4:30pm

Location: Workers Club, 66 Elizabeth Street, Launceston

Cost: $20 each (or included in Sunday Class Pass or Weekend Pass)

Sunday 9th Feb: Social Night

Round off the weekend with a chance to practice workshop material and catch up with all the new friends made over the weekend.

Time: TBC

Location: TBC

Cost: $25 (or included in Social Pass or Weekend Pass)


Joel and Jodi hail from sunny Brisbane, where they have been teaching various styles - both together and apart - for many years. They share a passion for teaching not just moves but also the practical tools and fundamental techniques they use to improvise and be creative on the social dance floor. Combined with their trademark animated (some might say wacky...) teaching style, Joel and Jodi create a relaxed and fun environment where it’s okay to experiment and take risks.

Joel loves – and has taught! – blues, lindy hop and balboa for many years. He loves playing with new shapes and connections, and (as a scientist!) has an analytical approach to always being musical. With a background in science communication, improv, and musical theatre, he brings a unique perspective on teaching, dancing, and performing.

Jodi has a love of solo movement and how that translates into amazing partner dancing. In addition to teaching blues, solo, and lindy classes, Jodi ran the Brisbane ladies solo performance troupe The Cat’s Meow for many years. With a deep understanding of body mechanics she brings a zeal for what makes dancing look good, look authentic, and feel great.

Together, Joel and Jodi’s dancing styles pop with creativity, playfulness, and musicality, and this is always reflected in their classes. They can’t wait to dance up a storm in Launceston, and share all the things that they love about these wonderful dance styles.

Photo credit: Emma Jakku


Workshops material will include a variety of Blues, Lindy Hop, and other dance styles with the choice to opt for faster or slower styles; something to suit everyone!

A draft workshop schedule is outlined below, subject to change, based on YOUR feedback! Let us know what you would like to learn in the comments section of the Registration Form.

Workshops are $20 each and can be purchased on the day but availability is NOT guaranteed. Saturday and Sunday workshop passes are available or all classes are included in a Full Workshop Pass.

SATURDAY (10:00am - 4:30pm)

Class 1

10:00am - 11:15am

Practical musicality. Lindy - Beg/Int Level

Being musical means hearing the music and having the moves to respond. Sometimes musicality classes focus on the former and just assume we can do the latter. So in this class, Joel and Jodi will share the toolkit of moves (for both leads and follows!) that they use, and the ways that they respond to the music - whether for a beat, a phrase or an entire song.

Class 2

11:30am - 12:45pm

Inspiring your partner - and yourself! Blues - Beg/Int Level

Joel and Jodi love messing around with new shapes and ways for both partners to be active in the dance conversation. In this class, they’ll share a simple but practical framework for adding solo moments into your partnered blues dances, and how to play off your partner - even if you’re not yet a master of solo blues! A great way to add an extra dimension and moments to shine in your dance - for both leads and follows.


Class 3

1:45pm - 3:00pm

Fun shapes in bal. Balboa - Beg/Int Level

One of the great things about balboa is its 2-count nature, giving us a lot of freedom to play with the music - but sometimes we get stuck in our basic patterns. In this class, Joel and Jodi will explore some fun shapes and creative sequences in pure bal and bal-swing, and how to use these to really make it musical!

Class 4

3:15pm - 4:30pm

20s Charleston. Charleston - Beg/Int Level

Bring out your inner 20s rebel with some solo and partnered Charleston. Jodi and Joel will be covering the basics as well as some lesser known (and awesome!) moves for you to bust out on the dance floor. They’ll also be working on the core control techniques needed to really get your limbs flying.

SUNDAY (11:30am - 4:45pm)

Class 5

11:30am - 12:45pm

Getting back to the roots. Lindy - Int. Level

In this class Joel and Jodi will be taking you back to the roots of Lindy, focussing on the African stylings and posture shared by these styles, and how you can bring some jazz pizzazz into your Lindy - giving that authentic look and feel to your dance! They'll then be sharing some sweet moves that build on these stylings, and feel great!


Class 6

1:45pm - 2:45pm

Partnered Charleston. Charleston - Int. Level

Sometimes when the music is fast, there’s nothing better than busting out some great Charleston variations. This class mixes 20s and 30s/40s Charleston, focusing on leadable moves for the social dance floor and great variations for follows to play with - without missing a beat!

Class 7

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Microblues. Blues - Beg/Adv Level

When it’s 2am and the music is slow, microblues is the perfect place to be. By shrinking the dance down, you really connect with your partner and tiny movements can have a huge impact. Meanwhile outsiders might wonder if you’re really dancing, or just breathing together! This is a great way to add contrast to your blues, and something else for your toolkit.

Class 8

4:15pm - 4:45pm

Facial expressions in performance. Specialty - All Levels

Whether for a showcase or a spotlight, performing is about telling a story to your audience - and your facial expressions are an invaluable part of this. Humans are hardwired to look at faces, after all! But just plastering a smile on your face is both hard to maintain and boring. Instead, drawing on their extensive background in musical theater, public speaking, TV, and dance performance, Joel and Jodi will share a practical but effective framework for adding engaging facial expressions to your dancing. We’ll show you how to keep them fresh, genuine, and exciting - and take your performing to the next level!


If you would like a t-shirt make sure you order through the registration form by January 8th! 


Registrations are now open! Early Bird discounts apply until January 1st 2020 so get in quick!
Keep an eye on this page or our facebook event as more information is added.


Ticket Options:

Full Weekend Early Bird: $130 ($170 after 01 Jan 2020)

Social Pass Early Bird: $70 ($90 after 01 Jan 2020)

Saturday Classes Earlybird: $50 ($60 after 01 Jan 2020)

Sunday Classes Earlybird: $30 ($40 after 01 Jan 2020)

Friday Night Meet and Greet: $30

Saturday Night Prohibition Ball: $40

Saturday Late Night Speakeasy: $15

Sunday Night Social: $25

T-Shirt: $25